All in One Runtimes 2.5.0 for Windows Download and Install

All in One Runtimes features a comprehensive Runtimes package designed for Windows. With the AiO Runtimes package you can install all important runtime environments for offline and online applications on your computer. Problems when starting an application due to missing runtimes are a thing of the past thanks to the All in One Runtimes package.


Download All in One Runtimes 2.5.0 completely free of charge.

All in One Runtimes is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8(.1) and Windows 10. After clicking on the installation file, the installation package is first unpacked. You can then select which packages should be installed.

AIs AiO Runtimes safe?

If it was downloaded from a legitimate source like us, it should be fine. It is basically a self-installing package.

Adjustable to your needs

The program independently checks which runtimes are already installed on your system and which are still pending. You can also use checkmarks to specify which packages you (not) want to install. After a pauseable countdown, the installation of all packages starts automatically.

Latest changes

New from version 2.x is the graphical installer with a new user interface. There are also now more options for having the system checked. This makes it easier to analyze which components still need to be installed. New packages can now be integrated more easily.